Croatia Luxury Yacht Charters

Why Croatia?

Croatia is a country whose blends of colors, sounds, tastes and above all, amazing natural landscapes and the sea - will nurture your traveler desire for new experiences. Come and experience it.

What is Croatia?

Croatia is a Parliamentary Republic. Democratic elections are held every four years with an elected Government led by the Prime minister and Parliament as the legislative power. The president is elected every five years. The country has five regions Istria, Kvarner and Littoral, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Central Croatia - and more than 21 municipalities.

Where is Croatia?

It is a European country that is a part of Central Europe, partly Southeast European as well as the part of the vivid and exciting Balkan region. From a sailor’s perspective, it is standing right across from Italy, sharing the Adriatic Sea while bordering Montenegro in the south. Other borders are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia in the east, Slovenia in the west, and Hungary in the north.

What are Croatians like?

Croatians are pleasant and dependable people. English is widely spoken and the majority of younger and the middle generation speak it with great confidence. Croatians are not a particularly smiling nation, don’t let that surprise you! Still, be sure their hospitality will be there - and you may experience it from complete strangers in everyday situations.

How do I get to Croatia?

You can fly to the airports on the coast; Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula or Croatia’s capital – Zagreb. From the airport to the ports - we can easily provide transportation for you. We partner with Croatian luxury transport companies. Other means of transportation are rental cars, buses, and taxis.

Why is the wine culture so important to Croatians?

Thanks to its unique shape and various configurations of the soil and climate Croatia is known for producing quality wines. Croatia is divided in four vine regions, sixteen sub-regions and 66 appellations, meaning geographical origins of the vine. Every wine region has its own varietals.