Kvarner and Primorje

Kvarner and Primorje

The Kvarner Gulf, also known as Kvarner Bay, is a bay in the northern Adriatic Sea, located between the Istrian peninsula and the northern Croatian littoral mainland. The bay is a part of Croatia's internal waters. The largest islands within the Kvarner are Cres, Krk, Pag, Rab, and Lošinj.

Kvarner, or Kvarner Bay, in the northeast area of the Adriatic coastline, is situated between Istria and Primorje. It is home to the sunny islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj, which are well-known for their healing properties and stunning beauty. In the center of Kvarner is Rijeka, currently voted the European capital of culture 2020. With more than fifty percent of the Kvarner population, Rijeka is one of the top one-hundred industrial harbors in the world. Rijeka's working and industrial history are a contemporary cultural model.

The oldest written document of the Croatian language, Baščanska ploča (on Krk, Baška), originates from the Kvarner area.

From a biodiversity point of view, Kvarner is home to more than two-thousand plant species. Blends of essential oils complement aromatherapy healing properties of the old pinewood trees on the islands. The pleasant aroma is all around you! In the bay you'll find a dolphin protected area with more than one hundred and fifty dolphins.

Croatian Littoral, or in Croatian, Hrvatsko Primorje, starts from an elegant Opatija Riviera, Rijeka, Crikvenica Riviera to Novi Vinodolski. It has a long history of tourism, dating back to the 19th century. It was a well-known retreat for the European higher classes. Today the Rivieras are used for health and wellness tourism and Thalasso specialty clinics.

In February, Kvarner and Primorje come to life with the famous Carnival bell ringers dressed in goatskin and intimidating masks of animal heads with horns and large bells hanging from their backs. These bells would make a lot of noise to frighten enemies. Today, it is a cheerful attraction to be seen and enjoyed.

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