Olive Oil

Olive Oil

For as long as anyone can remember Olives had significance in people’s lives and business. All the aspects of olives were well used, consumed as food, seasoning, firewood, eaves for blessing, cattle feed, oil for light and beauty, sacral church- ceremonies or simply to gift a person of honor...

Olive is the most important fruit a gold liquid of the Croatian coastline and an important source of income for many families to this day.

Olive manufacturing in this area dates back to the first century B.C, with establishments of the first Greek polis on the island of Vis. Greeks from Vis (Issa) were the first entrepreneurs of these places. They initiated the cultivation, production technology, and a transport method using amphorae.

Croatia today has around 6 million olive trees, with 160 mini-mils for oil manufacturing while the growing area stretches over 800 km of the coast, covering many islands, differing in the type of climate, soil, and traditions of the olive growing.

There are six olive growing sub-regions starting from the west coast of Istria, Croatian littoral and Kvarner, North Dalmatia, central Dalmatia, South Dalmatia, and Dalmatian hinterland.

For years, olive oils from the Istria region up north have been appearing at the top of the world’s olive oil rankings.

Flos Olei, a leading world guide for olive oil declared Istria the best world olive oil region in 2020. Confirmed for the fifth year in a row.

In Croatia today there are about 18,000 hectares of land planted with olives, while almost forty percent falls on the Split – Dalmatia county. Half of central Dalmatia olives are located on the island of Brač, with serious top producers like Braccia.

In southern Dalmatia, most olives grow on Korčula, so the area of Blato is well known for its producing capacities and olive oil tradition.

Indigenous olive varieties include names like Buža, Istarska Bjelica, Oblica, Plominka, Drobnica, Levatinka, Lastovka, and Bjelica.

When in Croatia pay attention to the names of the producers like Chiavalon, Ipša, Mate, Olea BB, Menengetti, OL Istria, Tonin, Zigante, Buršić, Zubin, Brachia, Blato Korčula, Frane Miloš Olive oil, and many others…

Just like it is said for the wine, there is no bad olive oil. There is only better.

Be prepared to find your best flavor.

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