Opatija is a Croatian coastal town on the Adriatic Sea. A fashionable resort in the 19th century, it's dotted with Habsburg-era villas. The Lungomare is a promenade that snakes along the coastline, offering views of the town and neighboring islands. The 1800s Villa Angiolina, set in a garden of exotic plants, houses the Croatian Museum of Tourism. Parts of St. Jacob’s Church date from the 16th century.


Opatija is located on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula and lies at the foot of Učka mountain.

The climate is sub-Mediterranean, which means that the temperatures are lower than in Dalmatia.

It is a charming coastal town of rich history and culture coexisting with nature. It is also an oasis of beautiful sites, monuments, colorful parks, and idyllic villas.

Opatija is one of the oldest coastal retreat destinations with the longest tradition in tourism in Croatia dating back to the 19th century.

What to see and do while in Opatija:

  • Visit parks: Saint Jakov; Angiolina, The Swiss house located in the heart of Angiolina’s, Opatija's central park.
  • See Juraj Šporer Pavilion – residents and guests of Opatija use it as a venue for art exhibitions, concerts, and performances.
  • Take a photo by the "Maiden With a Seagull"- the symbol of Opatija - standing on a promontory in front of the old cemetery.
  • Have a drink at the terrace of Hotel Kvarner: the oldest hotel on the east coast of the Adriatic, opened in the 19th century as the first luxury property in Opatija.
  • Stroll and enjoy the sun at Opatija Lungomare: a one-hundred ten-year-old famous coastal promenade of Francis Joseph the first. It stretches from the nearby place of Volovsko to Lovran.
  • Light a candle at St. James Church that was most probably erected in 1420 as a colony of Benedictine refugees.

The famous 12 km long coastal promenade, Opatija Lungomare, shows off some examples of Belle Époque architecture, monuments and statues, hundred-year-old trees and benches, and lots of ice cream and fine dining restaurants.

Opatija has a long tradition of quality wellness. Some of the most famous resorts and wellness centers are:

  • Tantra Spa and Beauty – Grand Hotel Adriatic
  • Spa & Beauty – Hotel Bristol
  • Wellness Center – Hotel Savoy
  • Spa Center – Hotel Miramar
  • Thalasso Wellness Centar – Thalassotherapy
  • Spa Oasis – Grand hotel

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